Ankara Logistic Investments and Fuel Trade Inc. is founded in May 2004 by 45 international transport companies, mostly located in Ankara. Considering the geographical and economical importance of the region along with the needs of the sector and the intensive demands from the sector in joint venture. Ankara Lojistic is found as a result of the effort to constitude an a advantage in global competition and power alliance. Our company was initially founded s cooperative with 45 members and is incorporated in 2008 due to the financing of the investment and the status of cooperatives. Our project, called "Ankara Logistic Base", is the first International Transport Base, aimed and realized according to European standarts. It is planned, along for its associates, as FREE LEASABLE for all International and national loogistic, custom consultancy and import, export companies and respectively public institutions and establishments, the packaging and distribution sector. Our project is greatly realized with the own sources of our associates without ant exceptions and allocations as a public project respecting the benefits of the country.

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